Midland Outdoor Painters (MOP) is an informal group of artists who come together to paint "en plein air" and to offer support and get helpful criticism of their work. This blog has been set up to inform participants in Midland Outdoor Painters of recent activities on a weekly basis. The group meets every Saturday, rain or shine from 9AM to about 11AM. You are welcome to join us with any medium; sketchbook, oils, pastels, watercolor, pen and ink, or just to watch. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. The painting location will be posted here every preceding Thursday by the "location master", a position currently held by Priscilla Olson. She will also email the location to those who choose to be on the MOP mailing list. If anyone has ideas for other places they'd like to paint on future Saturdays, please let Priscilla know by the Wednesday night prior. To be added to the list, enter your email where it says "Follow by Email" or, if you have questions, contact Priscilla at artofpriscilla@att.net

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MOP-UPdate: Saturday, July 7

It was quite a relief to have a nice below-90, breezy, somewhat sunny day to paint!

Donna is doing a good job matching her greens!

Priscilla concentrating on her posture while she paints.

Sue finishing up her painting of the Tridge

Cat sketching in the shade

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  1. You're all having so much I'd like to join you sometime this summer. Maybe I can get some of the other Chicago painters to come too.

    Happy Painting! Susan